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Oh Dogwood

I love these floral arrangements of dogwood stems.  I just wish I could afford to have real dogwood branches all the time on my dining room table.  Since I can’t,  I am on a search for some good looking faux branches and a good vase.  I had my cabinets painted white last week and I am in love.  My downstairs in coming along slowly, but surely.

jamie harper - I love teh blog’s new look!! So beautiful! Perfect for your style. Thanks for all your inspiration here!

Emily - Would you mind sharing who you used to refinish your cabinets? I’m local and getting quotes from a few companies. I’d love a good, tried and true recommendation.

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Playroom for Ben

A few months ago a client came to me in need of playroom help.  I came up with this design board and layout plan for her. Her large floor pillows in the reading area turned out darling.  I hope to get the after photos shortly.  The artwork of course was designed by the great Orange Tree Papers.


Avery Milne - love how those pillows turned out.. so cute together

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Lonny Magazine Inspiration

My posts have been few this past week because I went and ran my first marathon over the weekend.  It was a tough, but good experience.  I am glad to have it over with.  While I was on my “vacation” I managed to get a little bit of home inspiration from the newest issue of Lonny Mag. Take a look…

those maps are fabulous
love the vases on the fireplace
of course I love me some mid century chairs and a good gallery wall
love that lighting!
this whole entry way makes me happy

Hope everyone is having a great week!

nancy - I want those chairs!!!

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Etsy Feature- Waterstone Succulents

I was on a little etsy search when I came across these little gems.  I think they are so cute.  I plan on ordering a couple of them for my living room.  Check out the whole collection at Waterstone Succulents.  Happy Monday!






Shelly - i love these!!! I am so into succulents right now! Jono laughs at me cause I have succulents in pot all around my house(: I love how clean and modern these little gems are. I am for sure going to order some too! They are perfect for gifts too! Hope you are doing good! Love your cute fun website!! Love the colors and how fresh it feels!

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Lighten it up…Tricks of the trade

I think one of the most common things that I hear lately is, ” I just want to lighten it up in here”.  I have been thinking a lot about this and have come up with a few quick tips that can help lighten up a “dark” space.

 5.  Paint the room- This would be the cheapest way to see the biggest difference.  With that being said, sometimes painting the space is just not doable.  So the next few are some quick and easy changes.

Add lighting-  A good rule to try to stick to is to have at least two forms of light in a room.  For example an overhead ceiling light and a lamp. Light makes a space feel open and inviting.

3. Eliminate Clutter-  Sometimes a gallery wall or an extra table can look cute, but can also crowd a space making it feel more heavy and dark.  If you are wanting to lighten and open up a space try to take  a minimalist view and eliminate unnecessary items.

2.  Add a mirror-  Mirrors reflect light and also make a room feel bigger.  Bigger feels light and airy.

1.  Add white-  If you have a dark space do not be afraid to add white.  As long as you add more then one item ( for example a couple of pillows with some white on the couch, a tray on the coffee table with white in it and a white vase on the other side of the room) it should lighten up your space nicely.

And of course some inspiration photos…


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My Big Eye Kids

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