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My Sconce Search

I have a random sconce that desperately needs to be changed in my hallway.  I have been searching and trying to figure out what I want in it’s place.  Here are a few that I found interesting…
Home Decorators
Barn Lighting- Available in every color
Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel
West Elm
I had to add this one because I am kind of loving it.

Which style do you like?  I am leaning towards one of the Crate and Barrel ones.

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House Updates

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter week.  I have obviously been a little slackish (my made up word) with the blog lately.  I have had some fun e-design clients the last few weeks.  Hopefully when I get the after pictures I can share a few of those.  I have slowly been working on a few things around my own house.  Here are some sneak peeks…
My Caitlin Wilson Shade is up in my dining room.  This thing was sort of a beast (I pretty much try to do everything for my own house by myself when I should just hire someone:), but it’s done.
I received my bed frame from West Elm.  I love it.  I plan on making a faux white leather headboard to go with it.  This bed goes in my nursery as an extra bed and sometime in the future it will be my baby’s big girl bed.
I got my yardage of this fabric, Poetical by Barbara Barry.  This is going on a small chair in my family room.  The chair has been sitting unfinished for a long time.  My husband is so happy…and so am I because I love this fabric.
Molding is done in the dining room.  It is still not painted because I want to have it done at the same time I get my cabinets painted…hopefully this month.
Two of these mirrors from IKEA (they are actually round even though this picture looks oval) got put up in the nursery.
This paint color, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, got painted in my living room and stairway.
I am so excited to be getting closer to photo shoot time in my house. 
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Inspiration…kitchen remodel

My cousin just posted pictures of her newly remodeled kitchen.  She did a great job…enjoy…
Genius outlets under the cabinets…
Beautiful refinished wood floors
Another genius outlet…in the pantry for the toaster…
Love everything Monica…great job!

alex - Nice solid surface worktop design. You have beautiful home.

Marcus Lane - Lvoe it!! The outlets under the cabinets are pure genius, genius i tell you! Looks even better in person!

Annie @ House on Rene - Beautiful!! Love all the hidden outlets!

Bethany - Hiya! New here, loving your blog, cant wait to follow. Especially love how fresh and clean this kitchen is!

Nice to meet you :)


PS – we're doing a GIVEAWAY over at our spot today. Check it out :)

xo Jamie and Vashti - She did a great job! Love the subway tile and the outlets not ruining the clean look… Brilliant!

Meredith Williams - That wall between the dishwasher and fridge would be a perfect chalkboard wall!! Everything looks beautiful and clean and soothing colors!

debbie - what color do you have on ur walls love it redoing a house we bought and would love to use that oolor for the living room and kitchen

granite - Great blog and nice information.

toronto countertops

Tristen - I love the kitchen paint color. Can you tell me what color/brand it is? Beautiful job!

Alexandra - Hello!

Where did you find those black and white striped curtains in the above room?

Becky McCord - Can u I get the counter top color, manufacturer, size…

Becky McCord - What grout color on the subway tile?

Laurie Bullock - I would love to know what the backsplash tiles are and the countertops. They are beautiful.

Gina mac - That baby is just beautiful!

Monay Freeman - What color is the wall in the kitchen? I love that color!

Ashley - I really hope you post what the paint color is. It’s gorgeous and I would love to use it in our house. :)

Teres - Beautiful!
(In sweden have almost everyone outlets under the cabinets.)

Sharon Reynolds - Love love the paint color. Can you please share with us the color???

admin - The color is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

admin - Posted above

admin - wythe Blue Benjamin Moore

Theo Huisman - Hi just wondering what type and or brand of lights where used under the kitchen cabinets.

Thanks Theo Huisman

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Textured Wallpaper- Grasscloth

Last week I received a stack of wallpaper samples for a project that my neighbor is doing.  My favorite ones were the textured wallpaper samples.  I just thought I would show you a few inspirational photos using grasscloth wallpaper…lovely!
This is Glam
Conspicuous Style
Decor pad
Decor Pad

Nancy@OwensOlivia - I had always seen these in magazines, but I got to look at one up close when I was working in a dental office long ago, and it was ah-mazing. Just as amazing as the ones in the magazines. Now what in the world covers our chapel walls? That stuff is itchy.

Annie @ House on Rene - Oh I really like the room with the bookshelves. The nursery is cute too but I wonder about practicality…

And Nancy is right that stuff in the Chapel is itchy indeed!!


classic • casual • home - Thanks! I think I am putting it in a clients law office. What do you think? I just want to add some texture.

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Kids rooms tips and tricks

Kids rooms are some of the most fun rooms to do (in my opinion), 
but I also think they can have some unique challenges because of three things:
1.  Kids are opinionated
2.  Kids can be messy
3.  Kids grow up (meaning the dynamics of the room set up change in the house)

This post is here to show you a few things that I have done in my girls (ages 5 and 7) room to deal with some of these issues.

Personalize their space.  Kids like to feel important.  When sharing a room, I wanted my girls to feel like they each had their own space.  I simply used a stencil to paint their initials above their beds.  Don’t mind that gorgeous Christmas tree.
Cut down costs.  Because I expect this room to change sometime in the next 2 years I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I did quite a few things to keep costs down in this room  When using designer fabric on a pillow, I chose to only use the expensive fabric on the front side of the pillow cover. 

I made the duvets for the end of their beds.  I used a $3 flat sheet from Ikea to back the duvet.

Let them help choose.  This room is probably my least favorite in my house, but I have a very girly daughter that wanted to have some input.  I compromised and made this room meet in the middle.  I started out by giving her the choice from a few different fabrics that I had already decided on.  I also let the girls pick out the things that aren’t necessarily a main focal point, like the sheets,

I found a twin head and foot board at a garage sale for $10.  Because their room is pretty small I decided to forgo footboards and make the one footboard I had into a headboard for the second bed.  To do this I took a wooden dowel and added it to the bottom of the footboard to bring it up to the height of the headboard.
Hide things.  Let them have their valuables with them in bed.   During the day they know that the valuables are hidden away.  Blankets usually hide right under their pillows.
Display their art.  Every kid wants to hang their pictures in their own rooms.  I have framed some of their art work and I rotate these pictures as we get more of them…
Oh bed skirts…I hate you!  Because of my decision to keep these beds cheap I am using bedskirts on their beds, it also goes with the style of their room.  A simple trick to keep a bedskirt in place is to safety pin the corners to the boxspring.  Now, every time the kids jump from bed to bed…the skirt stays in place.

Happy Monday everyone!

McKae @kaescornerdesign - Love your blog! These are great tips; I love that chandelier in the first picture. Too cute!

Nancy@OwensOlivia - I'm happy to know that I am not the only one who uses sheets for other things as well. You can find really cool prints in bedding that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Thank you for the tips! The artwork is fun! Have a great week.

Annie @ House on Rene - Great tip and tricks! Being from AZ I have to know how on earth did you get away with not having a ceiling fan in the room?

Stephanie Sabbe - Love all of the fabrics! very fun

xo Jamie and Vashti - I absolutely love all the fabric choices!!!

Auburn - LOVE the stencils and the tips! Their room is darling!

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