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Etsy Feature- Tobie Anne- The Little Succulent Shop

I LOVE greenery, but I kill it…a lot.   With the exception of some occasional fresh flowers, pretty much the only live plants I can have in my home are Peace Lilies and Money Trees because they are so easy to keep alive.  Anyway, I have lived in the desert now for a while and the time has come for me to embrace the succulent.  They’re so cute and they are easy to care for.  I found a little shop on etsy that has a live succulent wreath that lasts for a long time…great!  Go check out some of the other pretties that you can get over at Tobie Anne and take a look around at quite a few other etsy shops with succulents. 

 What do you think?  Do you like succulents?  Do you have other live plants in your home?

Annie @ House on Rene - I think there is something so cute about succulents! Kind of related I have had a aloe vera plant for a few years now, it needs to be replanted but it provides such a great touch of greenery. I love it!

Erin - Good morning! I am interested in one of your little creations to send as a thank you gift to my boyfriend’s mom. Do you sell the white footed porcelain container with the succulent arrangement individually (or maybe something simular)? Also, I want to make sure your arrangements will come already put together and that it is not delivered in pieces as a DIY kit. Please let me know! I’d appreciate your help!


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Lonny Magazine- Amanda Nisbet

I got the newest issue of Lonny magazine in my inbox the other day and was so excited about one of the articles.  It was a feature article with one of my favorite Designers, Amanda Nisbet.  Not only were the pictures of her office beautiful but her words were so inspirational for anyone, but especially aspiring business owners like myself.  I was so excited to learn that she is a completely self taught designer.  She is awesome.  Here are a few of the pictures that were highlighted, but make sure you check out the latest issue of Lonny Mag to read the whole article.

Two of my favorite Amanda Nisbet fabrics…

Auburn - Oh – love her colors in her home, and her style!

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Which "style" are you?- Tricks of the Trade

I think one of the biggest challenges people face when completing projects around the house is determining which style they like.  I think many people worry when they realize that they have picked things from two different types.  Well, I am here to tell you that mixing styles is totally acceptable and great in my opinion.  The key to everything in a room is balance.  The overall picture of a room can portray your style even if every item in the room is not “your style”.   When somebody asks you, “what style is your house?” keep in mind that does not mean your home should only have that style in it.  
Start by looking at the pictures below and pick which one you like the most.  Use that as your guide to pick things out in that particular style group, but do not let it stop you from finding things that you love in another style group to mix in.  And remember, your style will constantly be changing…and it is ok…everybody’s does!
TRADITIONAL- 6th street design school      
MINIMALIST- Apartment Therapy
TRANSITIONAL- Porch Light Interiors

Jamie - Traditional and transitional! Fun to look through the different styles. So how does one mix?

Annie @ House on Rene - I would say I am transitional eclectic. Which I think can go together pretty well…I just haven't gotten it down for me yet! ;)

Nancy@OwensOlivia - transitional all the way. though in my head i wish i were eclectic.

Kim @ keller-creative - I want to be transitional but I have a lot of traditional too..

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Faux Bamboo Dresser

Natty By Design is the gal that painted my faux bamboo dresser for me.  She posted pictures on her blog here… just thought you might like to see some better photos of it.  Thanks Natty!

Annie @ House on Rene - Hi Sally

I found you from Natty's blog! I was excited to find another local girl.

Your dresser looks awesome, what a great find!

Also, I am a new follower to your blog. I would be honored if you would follow mine as well. Thanks ~Annie

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