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Design Star

Design Star on HGTV is one of my favorite shows.  I am usually pretty impressed by the projects and designers.  Last weeks episode left me feeling a little bit sad for most of the designers that were left in the competition.  There were only 6 of them left and I feel like at this point they should all be pretty spectacular.  You would have to watch the episode to really get where some of them came up short, but before I watch tonights episode (and hopefully be “wow”ed), I thought I would share the before and afters of the projects that the cast of Design Star did for a family last week.
Karl Before
Karl After
Kellie Before
Kellie After
Mark Before
Mark After
Meg Before
Meg After
Leslie Before
Leslie After…she was one of two that got sent home during this episode.  Those crooked letters just didn’t make the cut.
Kevin Before
Kevin After…Sadly he also went home.  I think it may have something to do with the furniture arrangement.  Check out the random ottoman in front of the fireplace.

River Trout - seriously. i think the only person that even came close to looking professional last week was mark. those kyan letters were soooo horrible. and meg's crooked lantern thing? so sad!!! anyways…i'll watch the new one tonight…

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - I'm pretty sure I could've done better than all of them. did they have a 10 dollar budget?

the organic kitchen - I don't watch but can see why you were totally underwhelmed. Every room in my house looks better than those. I can't believe they even aired it. Should have had a re-do…

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Dining Rooms

The walls in our dining room are prepped and ready for “paneling”.  The pendant light is hung. 
We still have plenty of projects around here, but I did manage to find a few inspiring dining rooms…

Jamie - I love, love love paneling! So glad to find it in Gilbert :0
Dave is coming on Sunday to start looking at places! We'll be down in a few weeks!

David - So my nicknames are "paneling" and "pendant light"? :-)

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Etsy Feature- Love, California

Speaking of pillows,  look at these darling customizable state pillows made by the etsy shop, Love California (which in fact I do).  You can choose your color and your state.  They do countries too.  I think one could add a nice pop of color on a nursery chair for where the child was born or anywhere you want to show your love for your favorite state.  

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Pillows, pillows, pillows

My cute cousin came to me for some pillow ideas for her master bedroom.  She has this bedding from Urban

Here are a few combos I put together in the colors she mentioned.  She decided on the coral combo so we’ll get pictures of the completed bed when all the pillows get in!  Fun! Fun!

The Alvords - Yay! I can't wait to see it all put together. Thanks again Sally.

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Record Breaking Heat!

Yesterday was a high of 112 degrees in Phoenix, which was a record breaker for this time of the year.  It is pretty much a necessity to have ceiling fans in Arizona, which can be kind of depressing considering the looks of them and how much fun lighting can be.  
Today I thought I would show you some pretty good looking ceiling fans.  

Really though….of course my husband wants this.  Ridiculously huge.

Have a wonderful FRIDAY!
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