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DIY Easy Lamp Redo Tutorial

Here is what you do…
1.  Pick up one of these brass lamps from a garage sale or thrift store.  Mine were from a garage sale at $2 each.

 2.  Get a can of spray paint.  Design master is sold at Joanns and Hobby Lobby and has a good color selection.  Don’t forget to use a coupon making it about $3 for the can.  Also, high gloss looks nice, but is usually only available in more neutral colors.

3.  Use paper and tape to cover any spots on the lamp that you do not want to  be painted.  Put the lamp on a drop cloth in a well ventilated spot.  Evenly spray one coat over the whole lamp.

4.  Find a lamp shade that you like.

5.   For $5 plus a shade…you’re done!

Sorry about the not so great photos! 

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Back to school! Mud Room Inspiration

Arizona schools start tomorrow!  I know early, but the cat fights around here are getting old, so I am looking forward to it.  Anyway…getting backpacks ready has made me think..”where am I going to put all those papers, dirty shoes, and backpacks when the kids come in the door each day!?!”  Here in AZ we don’t necessarily need a mud room since we rarely have mud, but…man oh man…It would be nice because they’re so cute.  Now I am rethinking my laundry room.

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Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - you could totally do something like this in your laundry room.. some great ideas!

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Real Home Feature

I love it when I see a home that has been done so nicely by someone that has no professional training in interior design.  Probably because it makes me think of my own abilities.  Today I am featuring the home of a friend of mine, Christina.  She has done a fabulous job on her home.  I asked her to share any information that she would like to and she has come up with some great tips.
Christina describes her style:
I love traditional looks with simplicity and a bit of a twist of color as you can see by my front room. For examples, adding mirrors to the end tables makes it not as traditional. It adds a bit of a twist. Taking traditional shaped chairs and covering them in a non-traditional color, like chartreuse, makes them more interesting.
A few inspiring tips from Christina:
Brown is out! Grays, blues and greens are in. For a long time now the only way to decorate was using browns and other earth tones. Especially here in Arizona where everything is the color of dirt. I wanted my house to be nothing like everyone elses. My house was completely brown when I moved in, complete with cherry wood blinds. Changing and adding all the moldings to the entire house, completely changed the look. Made it more unique and allowed me to play with bolder colors on the wall. What many people forget though, is that not only gray is a nice neutral with pops of color, but blue makes a great neutral. The right colors of blue compliments many other colors of the rainbow.
I would also say, don’t be afraid to try something bold, especially on the walls or in a piece of artwork you are trying to paint. Many people doubted me when I wanted to paint the black in the front room, but it makes an architectural statement and makes the room much more interesting. It is also a natural frame to the beautiful wallpaper. Take your time and anything with paint can be repainted. Trust me, I made my husband paint the baby’s room twice. But if you are going to use a bold color, make sure you have a lot of white to counteract it, by adding a wainscoting for example.
And her lovely home…
 Living Room
Dining Room (she plans to paint that wood railing black.)
Family Room
Bonus Room
Nursery (love to see another one of my bed sets in action:)
 Guest Bath
  Thanks Christina for sharing your home!

Christina Bird - Man, whoever did this did a fantastic job! ;)

Auburn - Love it! So cute!

Annie @ House on Rene - Do you have a link to her blog I'd love to see more!

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Eclectic Furniture

Back in the day everyone wanted a “set” of furniture.  Everything that matched.  Well…now we know that the eclectic, non matchy look is much more visually appealing.  Not to say that you can throw whatever you want into a room and it will look good, but check out these cute ideas for mismatching night stands.  I think the trick to making this work is to watch the height of both night stands and the things that surround them.  I think the scale is the the most important factor in making eclectic look natural. 

o + o - I am loving the stair step side table. I think I am going to have to try to recreate it. It is fabulous! Good find!

Anonymous - To whom it may concern, can you please tell me how much per roll the brown striped wallpaper is ( 5th picture down on the page )

Kind Regards

Mark Smith
( )

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