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Beach House Decisions- Fireplace

I’m in San Diego this weekend helping with the beach house.  We are working on updating some of the basic functional things in the home.  One of the decisions that we are thinking about this week is the fireplace.  We have taken off the old brick and are updating the look of it.  Here are some of the inspirations for the direction I would like to go with it. Based on all of the factors that are involved in this decision (and there a lot of factors) I think that something like picture number 2, 3 or the last one are our best option.


Painted Brick
 Mosaic Tile
 Simple and Clean

Alyson Plowman - Well I think if you already pulled off the old brick it is pointless to put up new brick and then paint it. I love the blue hues in the second because it's at the beach. It's fresh looking.

When do I get to use the beach house? :)

Christy/Mom - I think I like the second one and the last one the best. I am liking the "simple and clean" approach, too. When you fill a room with fun people, you don't need too many other decor items to take over! I picture lots of my favorite people in that room. (Hope I get to come some time!)

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Living Room

I’m so excited…I think I have finally narrowed down the textiles and paint for my living room.  I am doing coral and navy.  Here are a few of the things going in there.  The fabric on the right will be curtains.  It was a hard choice because since I needed 9 yards to do the high curtains I needed a very affordable fabric.  I love the one I chose though.  The darker paint color is a Martha Stewart color (zinc) and it is painted in the dining room where we are also doing wainscotting, which is visible from the living room…I love it!  The lighter gray is called Repose Gray by Sherwinn Williams.  I haven’t gotten it up yet so I will let you know the review once it is up, but after many samples I think it will be a good choice for the look I want.  And of course when I am done there will be some photos.

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - it's going to be darling.. I need to come see the dining room!

Auburn - Love it!! Is that the paint that I saw up on the wall in the kitchen already? I REALLY liked what I saw!

o + o - That will be really pretty. Dwell Studio has some coral and gray pieces (or at least they did awhile back), and I think the navy blue is a wonderful color with the coral. You just can't go wrong with those color combinations!

I think we have similar tastes! I will be featuring the Kaufmann fabric (but in coral for my coral edition) on Fabric Friday. And the pillow's design in the bottom left corner is one design I am contemplating for my pendant lamp. Good choices!! :)

I am excited to see the living room once it is completed. Best of luck!

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Picking Colors

I generally think of color first when starting a room.  I am inspired by many rooms that use just one color in addition to the neutrals, but I usually tend to use more then one.    
Check out these living rooms and tell me…which do you prefer?


or Multi-Colored

Auburn - Multicolored for me! I can't choose just ONE color. I like the way it looks, but I just can't COMMIT to one.

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - Definitely multi..

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Giveaway WINNER!

And the random selector picked…

Michele P. said…
oh my! very pretty color choices… thanks for the chance to win:)Love the blue colored ones the best, and you have several awesome fabrics in a blue design!  
Congrats to Michele for winning the 2 pillow covers.  Thanks to everyone who entered. 
Watch for many more giveaways to come! And a lovely picture to ponder…
Seriously love that painted ceiling with the white walls.  Dog looks scary though:)

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Tricks of the Trade- Affordable Reupholstery

  Ok…I gotta be honest, upholster and affordable,  generally do not go in the same category.  Many people are surprised to find that it costs about the same price to buy a new couch as it does to reupholster one.  With that being said…much of the vintage furniture is very well made and has a great shape.  Or there may be a spot in your home that needs a perfect fabric that you have found.  These times call for a re-upholsterer.  In many cases you may be willing to spend the extra money, but if it is a small spot in your home and you are a budget shopper here are some things to keep in mind when searching craigslist for something to have recovered in your favorite fabric…
1.  Many upholstery places charge about $50 a yard (that’s a good deal).  This means if it will take 5 yards to recover your chair you are looking to pay $250 plus fabric for it.
2.  Loose cushions are good!  A loose cushion can have a new cover made for less then $25.  The majority of people that sew can make a cushion cover, especially if they have an old cushion cover to use as a pattern.
3.  Look for small attached areas on the piece.  Small= less yardage.
Here are a few examples of some chairs and sofas that would be very 
affordable (less then $100) to customize.

GRATIS plus FREE from BWIEZ - I am interest in the use of motif that are tailored to the exiting frame, possibly with space available.
good job and very good idea.
Indonesian said : " MANTAP ".

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