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Design Board- Master Bedroom

A great friend (and seamstress) of mine has been working on her master bedroom.  She started out thinking of doing a very eclectic mix of things based on an Anthropologie chair.  Here is the design board I put together with that in mind.
After her husband nixed the eclectic idea and opted for something more calming, here is the new design board I came up with.
The fabric should get ordered by this week and hopefully the room can shape up pretty quickly.
I am really going to try and be better at posting this month.  I am going to be making a few changes around here so stay tuned.

Nancy@OwensOlivia - Like the new pic of you! :) I like both boards. Would the Schumacher Betwixt fabric work well for upholstery? Does it have a nice drape?

charley - I think I prefer the original board but the costumer is king and the second one looks good as well :)

Monica - Umm… I LOVE those curtains. They look really similar to the Ballard Design Curtains I've been coveting for months! I'm going to message you, I need more info!

Keep the posts coming, I love your style!

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Fabric L-O-V-E-S of the week

Basically fabric samples rotate around my house by the week.  I have some that stick around for weeks and others that don’t.  Here are a few that I am crushing on this week…we will see if any of these make the final cut for my family room.
Windsor Smith Pelagos
Caitlin Wilson Peacock Scallop
 Annie Selke Links

 Barbara Barry Poetical
To be honest most of these have been with me for a long while so I think there is a great chance of usage around here.  
Happy first day of LOVE!

marilee clarke - They ar all my favorites too!!

AtelierDecor - hi!! we have just discovered your blog and it is pretty amazing :)

Greetings from Madrid,

Atelier Decor

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Real Home Tour- Travelmoon

A few months back I had a pleasant surprise in my inbox.  A friend from my childhood that I haven’t seen in 15 years was looking for someone to sew her baby bedding.  She already had some gorgeous Quadrille fabric picked out, which I was excited to use.  Anyway, in this reconnection I also got to start reading her blog, Travelmoon.  It is a fabulous lifestyle blog with a ton of interior design included.  Her house tour is fabulous and I had to share it here.
 Entry Way
Living Room
 Master Bathroom
 Nursery (the completed room will be shown soon)
Guest Bedroom
 Master Bedroom
Dining Room
Thanks to Kate for sharing her gorgeous home!
Be sure to jump on over to her blog, here for more details on all of these spaces.

Nicole Terry Merrell - That is a great home, I really like the grey and yellow in the kitchen and living room, she's got style! Glad I found your blog!

Auburn - LOVE the kitchen. LOVE IT!

Nancy@OwensOlivia - Wow! High. End. *sigh* I never knew so much gray could look so good. And she has my favorite Circa Lighting!! I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing!

designchic - What a beautiful home…love the guestroom and the kitchen…gorgeous!! Such chic and fabulous style ~

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Chair Dilemma

So I bought these chairs (6 of them) on craigslist for $120 total, five years ago,  after my daughter fell over on our current ones for the second time.  These chairs were a great color and the most sturdy chairs you have ever seen.  The main problem with them is that the style is not my favorite.  It wasn’t when I bought them and still isn’t.  
So, my dilemma is…what to do about kitchen chairs!?! 
I have found quite a few chairs that I love, but I tend to like more modern ones.  With that style comes a stability problem with little kids.  Here are some looks that I love but I am not so sure any of these chairs are sturdy enough for my monkey children… 
(all pictures from Pinterest)
The ones I have now were such a great deal and so, so sturdy.  I may just wait it out a little bit longer until I am ready to spend some extra money to get what I really want.  
What do you have for kitchen chairs…any recommendations of some that you love?

Auburn - I vote that you wait until you can afford exactly what you want, but I do like the ones you have. What if you painted them a fun color??

Laurel - I love your current chairs. Keep them and let my monkey girls be their true selves!

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - love the style in the 3rd picture. I wanted to get barstools in that style but had the same concerns with them being sturdy enough… I've always loved the color of your chairs too tho!

Nancy@OwensOlivia - I have chairs similar to PB's Napoleon chairs. They have taken quite the beating from my son. They are holding up really well, but I am like you. I am not in love with them. Unfortunately, I am forced to wait until Matt gets a job. I like your chairs, but I agree with Auburn. Just wait it until you can afford what you really, really want.

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Color Inspiration- Blush

Sometimes I can tell which color I am into at the moment based on the clothes that I am wearing.  The last few weeks I have been very into the color blush.  Here are a few inspiration pictures with some pretty blush accents…
Anne Coyle.  This one has a little bit more of a purple tint to the pink, but I love it too!
Imperfect Polish
Material Girl Blog
Apartments I Like
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