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Chair Dilemma

So I bought these chairs (6 of them) on craigslist for $120 total, five years ago,  after my daughter fell over on our current ones for the second time.  These chairs were a great color and the most sturdy chairs you have ever seen.  The main problem with them is that the style is not my favorite.  It wasn’t when I bought them and still isn’t.  
So, my dilemma is…what to do about kitchen chairs!?! 
I have found quite a few chairs that I love, but I tend to like more modern ones.  With that style comes a stability problem with little kids.  Here are some looks that I love but I am not so sure any of these chairs are sturdy enough for my monkey children… 
(all pictures from Pinterest)
The ones I have now were such a great deal and so, so sturdy.  I may just wait it out a little bit longer until I am ready to spend some extra money to get what I really want.  
What do you have for kitchen chairs…any recommendations of some that you love?

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Auburn - I vote that you wait until you can afford exactly what you want, but I do like the ones you have. What if you painted them a fun color??

Laurel - I love your current chairs. Keep them and let my monkey girls be their true selves!

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela - love the style in the 3rd picture. I wanted to get barstools in that style but had the same concerns with them being sturdy enough… I've always loved the color of your chairs too tho!

Nancy@OwensOlivia - I have chairs similar to PB's Napoleon chairs. They have taken quite the beating from my son. They are holding up really well, but I am like you. I am not in love with them. Unfortunately, I am forced to wait until Matt gets a job. I like your chairs, but I agree with Auburn. Just wait it until you can afford what you really, really want.

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