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DIY Penny Floor

I was browsing Pinterest today and came across a penny floor.  I thought it was definitely cool enough to share here.  I found a few other rooms done in pennies…and even a nickel floor.  I am not sure how “legal” this is, but I love the look of it for the right place.

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Auburn - so cool! I love it!

Amanda Edwards - That last one is a picture of my kitchen. :) Thanks for including it.

Edna M. - Neat idea! I have tons of pennies in several jars. Thanks!

kendra k-d - It’s totally legal – the laws about defacing currency are all focused on doing so for profit. I know a guy who takes old silver quarters & dimes, flattens them in a press & cuts designs out of them to make pendants and earrings and that’s even legal. You just can’t try to take a $5 and turn it into a $500, or shave off the sides of a coin and then try to get money for it, stuff like that…

Tiffany S. - I love this. We have been looking into new ideas for our dinner room floor. This would look amazing. Where can I find out how to do it and what supplies I would need besides the pennies??

Jennifer - Love this!!!!! How do you do this? What type of finish is put on? Please let me know…. Thanks

Jeanne - love the tile murals over the stove and on side of cabinet in the kitchen!

Taija M - This looks cool and SO easy! But I really wouldn’t want to clean that floor!

Midge Mosimann - I love this floor and just need the specifics for laying it.

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